Culture and Geography

Geography Action!--National Geographic education website with a focus on geography and culture of regions. Lots of great maps, photos, and information.

National Geographic--excellent source for world music, photos, games, history, news, and more.

MesoAmerican Ballgame--Learn about the ballgame played by many Central American peoples. Also includes cultural information and more.

Africa for Kids--Learn about the lives of kids in Africa.

Sahel:the People--from PBS, learn about how people live in the sahel in Africa.

World Heritage--UNESCO lists places in the world that are important cultural, historical, and/or environmental sites important to everyone in the world.

Sheppard Software--Geography Games.

World Atlas--map quizzes, practice, and tests.

Google Earth--show your students places all over the world, create "tours," or have your students use Google Earth to demonstrate their knowledge of geography.

Chinese Language Game--students can learn Mandarin Chinese while playing a game.
South Korea